about 'developer of note' series

I respect a lot of software developers, but many of those are not going to have an entry in this series, and not because they are lesser in my eyes.

Here's the criteria I use to regard someone as developer of the note:

  • I need a news item that would trigger a post. Thing is, if you write about someone, you actually need to have some content (duh!), and saying "Guide van Rossum rocks for creating Python, and am grateful!" is simply not enough, hence a need for a trigger. In fact, I used to call this series developer of the moment, but at some point felt that the new name is more fitting, especially since a few of these honorable developers actually generated some new triggers along the way.
  • The more obvious requirement is that the developer need to have done some thing that I truly appreciate. At times, I fail to put into words just how much, the sort of feeling that nearly drains me in tears ("so sensitive").