FLOSS pipedreams

Within FLOSS, I do have preferences (e.g. Python over Perl), but this post is about my preferences over proprietary alternatives.

3D content creation: Blender should be mainstream... used in blockbusters

desktop: GNOME should replace Mac OS X as THE desktop experience, and then steal the market

CRM/ERP: Tryton (or OpenERP) should steal SAP's market share

image manipulation: GIMP should acquire feature-parity with Photoshop, and then steal the market

DBMS: PostgreSQL should acquire feature-parity with Oracle, and then steal the market

Operating system: Debian should be THE reference platform for various user types (large corporations, audio/video professionals, software developers, gamers, etc.), taking the market away from OS X and Windows

scientific computing: NumPy and pandas should acquire feature-parity with MATLAB, and then steal the market