ideal static blog generator

Anything not listed below is either stuff I take for granted or simply missed:

  • reStructuredText support is mandatory, and so is being written in Python (I is a fanboy).
  • 3 alternatives for the main page:
    • The latest post should be displayed in its entirety, and the rest displayed in an Archive view below it (so one can quickly search all post Titles without leaving that page).
    • It should be an About Page.
    • It should present Archive View.
  • Categories should be determined by directory into which a post is placed if not explicitly specified (in file metadata section).
  • Ability to determine post date from file mtime.
  • Post Date should always precede post content.
  • An option to have clean urls (i.e. trailing .html removed).
  • Date-based directory structure should not be mandatory (unlike with Tinkerer).
  • Inline literals and literal blocks (for code) should be distinguished by background colour; using different fonts is not good enough.
  • Tags (and maybe Categories) should be displayed on each post.
  • A feed icon that is visible from the main page (and maybe Category pages).
  • Blogofile has a strange requirement of having post headers be YAML format. Maybe there's a good reason, but I want my generator to not require anything special in file contents.