links 2012-04-09

  • What You'll Wish You'd Known is one the best essays I've read yet; it basically is advice for people still in high school. Beware though that the writer, Paul Graham, is very bold person. He makes a lot of assertions, without much in the way of backing it all up. Sure he's well-read and experienced, but it appears he relies a lot on his intuitions. Inaccurate as it may be, this essay has a lot of insight and is very encouraging (e.g. don't underestimate your abilities).
  • a nice objection to loud noise
  • the (un)greatness of Bell Labs
  • On Parenthood - incredible write-up on the joys of having a child... this isn't material I normally read, but I felt compelled considering my admiration for the writer, a famous software developer; it almost makes me look forward to my first
  • an impressive criticism of anti-abortionists (via)