major projects using Mercurial

Mercurial is the only version control system that I actually like, and I do celebrate each time I see a project use it. So, here I list the most notable projects I am aware of that do, which also gives me hope that it isn't being suffocated too much by Git:

  • Firefox, on top 3 of all desktop web browsers (number of users)
  • CPython, on top 10 of all programming languages
  • Mercurial, 2nd only to Git in terms of DVCS popularity, though maybe lagging by 2 orders of magnitude :(
  • OpenJDK, the top open source implementation of the Java platform
  • Sphinx, documentation generator used in most Python projects
  • PyPy, likely the most exciting development in the entire Python ecosystem
  • Stack Exchange (proprietary), a family of Q&A sites which are, in my opinion, the best yet